Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goat yelling like a man

This is how Nelson sounds when he calls for Mom. I hear this all day long.....Imagine.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canada/Spokane Trip.

I headed out as a lone parent with Maycie, Nelson and Jane at he end of June. We went to Spokane and then to a family reunion for my dad's brothers and sisters in Hillspring, Alberta. Then we went back to Spokane for the week after the 4th of July. Kevin couldn't come to the reunion because of school but he flew in and was with us for the week in Spokane. As I packed all of the kids up I couldn't help but chuckle at their different personalities. Here is Nelson in his car seat surrounded by his prized possessions. His blue blanket, made by Grandma Nygard, his punch balloon, his binky bear, which typically isn't allowed out of his bed, it is a teddy bear with binkies sewed to its paws. And then for some reason he wanted to wear his bike helmet. he wore it for almost three hours until we got to our pit stop in Wenatchee.
This is Maycie with her favorite blankie, made by Grandma Folsom. She likes to hold the corner and suck her thumb. This is how she started out the trip.
And Jane was just as sweet as ever.
This is at the reunion. Maycie is with one of her cousins, Savannah. She likes playing with Savannah.
Here is Maycie and Nelson playing with other kids at the reunion. I thought it was so fun to see my kids playing with the kids of the cousins I used to play with.

This is in Waterton Park at Cameron falls.
Sucker time
We spent one afternoon while we were in Spokane playing in water at my brother Darren's house. They had lost of blow up water toys. The kids thought that was the best thing ever. I enjoyed relaxing with Jane in the shade.

We had a great time. But we are glad to be home as well!

Backyard fun!

This is our first full summer with a back yard to play in. The kids are enjoying it. I like it because I have a place to put them so they are not destroying the house.

One afternoon the kids decided to be helpful. Maycie manicured the lawn with her scissors. And then Nelson being the resourceful little guy that he is took the clippings and turning them into a "salad".
I pulled out the sprinkler the other day and let the kids play in it. They thought that was just the best

Below: Nelson must have done this for 10 minutes least!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Pictures

My sister-in-law Jenny hooked us up by taking family pictures for us. Below are a few. The first three are my favorite of Kevin and I. The question is....which to put on the wall?

I like this one of the family above, Jane is gaging but that will be edited before it makes it to the wall.
I think the pics are great. We have some others but these are a few of my favorite. I am really happy with them. Love Family Pics!!!