Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nelson's First Day of Pre-School

How could any teacher not love to have this little boy in their class? None I am sure! I love this little guy! Nelson is now in pre-school. He loves it! No tears, no worries, he was a pro. The school bus ride he is especially happy about. He finally gets to get on the bus like his big sister.

New Family Pictures

Thanks to the skills of our Sister in law Jenny we have new family Pics!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer in Retrospect (Installment I)

The streak of sun and warm weather is gone here in Seattle. It has been replaced by familiar overcast skies and sixty degree weather. I can no longer even pretend it is summer. Growing up summer was filled with dirty bare feet, long sunny days of playing in the fields, forests and bike riding from one place to another- all while eating endless supplies of pop sicles. Great memories! I hope for my kids that they have equally great memories.

I make a conscious effort to do activities that will create memories for years to come. This summer was a great memory making summer. In June we went to Southern Idaho for a family reunion. Below are a few pictures of this.
Kevin's parents with almost all their grandkids.
I like how Jane is like the cherry on top in this picture.
In June we also welcome Uncle Blake home from his mission. He had a layover in Seattle so we ambushed him in the airport. We love Blake and love that he is home. The kids really enjoy Blake, he is a fun uncle. Maycie surprised me with all that she remembered about Blake before he left. She remembered how he used to chase her and tease her. He picked up right where he left off, Maycie was quite pleased!

Friday, September 16, 2011


A year ago Kevin's brother Eric moved to Seattle with his wive Jenny and kids. They live about five minutes from us. We have enjoyed having them so close. It has especially made two little girls very happy!

Aubree and Maycie are about two weeks apart. You wouldn't guess it by looking at them. Aubree has a whole head of height on May. Maycie's goal is to 'grow big like Aubree' ironic considering May is the older of the two.

They slept all night in this bed together and woke with big smiles on their faces. Such great memories for these little girls!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Art of Shining Shoes

Kevin flew down to the University of Florida for an interview at the end of August. He was interviewing for a residency to specialize in Endodontics after dental school. In preperation for this interview Kevin meticulously picked out what he was going to wear. Then he focused his energy on shining his shoes. One would think that this is a relatively simple process. I have recieved an education and I can now testify that that is not the case. A 'high quality' shoe shine is quite involved, as shown below.

It began very familiar to me, applying polish and then buffing with the brush. That was not the end. Kevin repeated that process three times, yes three.
It was then followed by heating the leather with a blow dryer to warm the leather and polish. After warmed he then shined with nylon. Kev meticulously surveyed his work in the sunlight. I couldn't resist taking these pictures once it escalated to this level. The kids joined in and it became a sunday afternoon family activity. After finishing his three coat process on one shoe and only one coat on the other, Kevin put both shoes in front of me to show me the 'significant' difference. I couldn't tell a difference. But in his defense I am not detail oriented, however I am very gratiful for a wonderful husband who is. He is going to be a great Endodontist.
Right after his interview Kevin recieved a call from Florida and he was offered a spot. We accepted! FLORIDA HERE WE COME! In about 9 months.


Our oldest child is in Kindergarten. This is a milestone! I didn't even cry putting her on the bus. (truth be told- I did cry on her first day of pre-school) Maycie has been excited for this day all summer long.

I think Maycie is a well prepared little kindergartener. She know her letters and sounds. She is getting the hang of sounding out words. Maycie especially likes numbers. She likes counting and adding up things. She is becoming more out going, especially this last year. Before Maycie started pre-school (age 3) she wouldn't hardly talk to anyone or let anyone but Mom and Dad touch her. She used to be a quiet little thing. Even her cry as a baby was relatively soft. Those days are long gone. At moments I miss those days. She loves to belt out original songs suddenly in the car, backyard and even in church. She is our little Maycie girl and we love her!

Maycie picked out this shirt all by herself. I was hoping for another one but she was so sold on this one I couldn't resist. She asked if she could sleep in it the night before. I told her it would get wrinkley and so she opted not to do that.
Maycie's hair has gotten especially long this summer. I have a personal policy that hair shouldn't be long enough to get in the way of business in the restroom. I am feeling that her hair is at a good stopping place for growth. But after trying to get her hair to grow long since birth I must say I now enjoy looking at the her long locks.
She looks so grown up sitting at her very own desk! Even the expression on her face is composed, especially for her! Ahhh how time flys.