Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Day

Kevin and Maycie both started school on Thursday. Very Exciting!

Can't leave Nelson out.

Here she is waiting for the bus.
While Maycie was gone. Nelson busied himself playing games.....
water painting.....
and as usual Jane was content to just be....
until Maycie returned back home. She loved pre-school. On Friday she woke up and informed us "I'm a school girl". She can't wait to go each day. I love the relaxed mornings.

10 months old

Jane is 10 months old. Can hardly believe it. She sure is our little doll.


Both grandparents have big raspberry patches. Maycie in her own words "I sure am a great raspberry picker." And she is. She is quite diligent. While in Wenatchee, visiting Kevin's family, Maycie picked alot of raspberries. In this picture she is just beginning. She really was very diligent, filling up whole containers.

Nelson's raspberries on the other hand rarely made it to his container, he ate them as he went.
All that picking must have worn them out!

Girl Cousins

Maycie is one lucky girl. She has four girl cousins the same age as her, two on each side. Since moving to Seattle a year ago she has missed being able to see them. She is very happy that one of them, Aubree recently moved to Seattle as well. We went to visit Spokane a week or so ago and while there she was able to visit with Christy. We had a weenie roast!

Here they are with Ally, Christy's little sister.
This picture is just too cute! They just love each other. In years to come they will look back at this photo and smile!

Potty Time!

Since Nelson will be three in November I figured I would try him out on the potty. Yes, it is pink. That is because Maycie "needed" her potty to be pink when she was potty trained. It motivated her. Anyhow in order to get him to sit long enough to increase his odds I gave him some books to look at. Maycie was very excited about the prospect of Nelson going potty, "Just like me" so she camped out in anticipation of the great potty event. So they read and chitty-chatted.......

and looked at books some more.......until........nothing, yep it never happened. Better luck next time!
Nelson sure had a good time though. Look at that face. I almost don't mind changing those poopy diapers, almost.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Shed

Look at this corner, doesn't it look empty. Well, I have a big smile on my face because it is now filled. Our wonderful Landlady Gabrielle added an addition to our little home.

Yesterday We had a storage shed built in our back yard. I am very excited as now I have a place to put those items that have been sheltering under the porch.
Maycie could hardly wait to move her bike right on in.
Now... just to decide on what color to paint it!