Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Entire Hand

Maycie turned five on Dec 4th. Five is an important birthday because it means when asked how old you are you can hold up an entire hand. Princesses are pretty important around these parts so it was appropriate that we had a princess party. Below is the castle cake that I enjoyed creating.

We invited lots of fun girls who all arrived at the party in there best princess attire. We at pizza, made gingerbread castles (I neglected to get pictures of those).
Here is the Happy Birthday cake time. When Maycie gets excited she shakes and her hands go up to her face as shown in the picture. What five year old wouldn't love a castle cake on their birthday.
Here the girls are working very intently on their princess crowns. Maycie received lots of fun gifts. And everyone went home with fun party favors that they had to find by playing hot and cold. All and all it was a fun day. I have to admit, though it was fun it was a lot of work, a bit more than I had anticipated. That likely won't keep me from doing it again next year however.

Nelson is "Free" (aka three)

When asking Nelson how old he is now he will say "Free" meaning three. He turned three on Nov 21st. He is a really cutie pie, with his dimples and winner smile. To celebrate we went to Red Robin. Below Nelson is enjoying one of his favorite occasional treats, pop. (check those dimples out, love them)

Nelson is one happy boy, He is also definitely a momma's boy. Mom is his favorite person. He can't get enough cuddles from "Mama".
Here is the look on his face as the waiters are singing their happy birthday song to him. He seemed pretty indifferent to the song. Once they left he downed his Fudge sunday.
Once we got home he opened his gift.
And in usual form, everyone had to get in on the action. He got a board game and some coloring book and a little shooter gun that shoots spinning disk things. That was his favorite.

Jane's First Birthday!!!

November and December are birthday time for our family. Jane turned 1 year on November 17th. She has been such a joy in our family. That is the best way to describe her a joy. She had this sweet little disposition. She has these deep blue eyes. We love her and are so happy she is in our family.

Jane likes to climb into the laundry basket and hang out a while. Here we are catching her in the act.
For her birthday we did a family party at home. Her cake is a dirt mount decorated with various animal candy.

She liked eating the cake.

Here she is opening her present.

Her very first doll, Raggedy Andy.