Monday, November 15, 2010

Enough is Enough !!

So Friday night after the kids went to bed I went to >>>> not the spa>>>>not the gym>>>>not even to do some great act of service>>>>>but rather I went to Toys R' Us. You may be asking yourself , WHY????? would I do that on a perfectly good Friday night whilst my husband is at home enjoying the peace and quiet with three sleeping kids? I asked myself the same question. I am a sucker for a great deal and for my three kids. It was a sale and I had the coupon to go with it. I went , I bought, I had the after bargain shopping buzz all the way home. Then I decided I should get out all of the kids Christmas presents and organize and take inventory. I shop for Christmas pretty much all year off of the clearance racks, ironically this is so I don't have to run out after all the crazy sales going on this time of year---as if I were above it---atlas we see I am not. Anyhow upon arriving home I pulled the gifts out of the storage unit and realized that I had too much, I didn't want to give my kids that many gifts. My bargain shopping buzz was shot. I looked at it all a bit dismayed. How did this happen? I repeat-I am a sucker for a great deal and my kids. As I lay in bed that night feeling a little sick over it all I decided that I needed to pull back the reigns a bit. I thought I was already doing a good job of that. The life maxim strikes me --the hardest thing to do is the thing you think you are already doing. And so here I am Thanksgiving not even here yet and I have more then enough Christmas gifts. I am surrounded by bargain shopping bliss and I have no more shopping to do. Have I learned my lesson? I guess in a months time we will tell.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Round and Round He Goes

Do you remember the great toy called the "Sit n' Spin"? Lately at our house it has become the "Lay n' Spin". There is no sound with this clip but if there were you would hear the lovely music that this toy plays as well.