Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pajamas, Cereal and Cartoons

Life doesn't get much better then a morning of eating cereal on the couch in pajamas, a little cartoon viewing as well. Favorite part of this pic is Nelson's hair (no that is not a shadow behind his head)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

San Antonio

In the middle of April Kevin had a Endodontic Conference that he wanted to go to and so he convinced me to leave our children in the care of his family and fly south to the sun, warmth and sunshine, oh and the land of mexican and bbq, all of which are some of my favorite things. It was hard to convince me. Here is Jane making it a bit difficult to pack. She is such a goofy lil' thing.
"Remember the Alamo" Here we are in front of the infamous Alamo. It was smaller than I anticipated but I enjoyed learning all the history behind it. While we were there San Antonio has having a celebration called Fiesta. It was a hoppin' place full of lots of people, food and good times.

We never would have anticipated meeting a group of LDS missionaries in front of the Alamo. I am guessing they were incoming missionaries, as they all looked a little green .

Here we are eating dinner on the river walk. The Riverwalk is the neatest thing in San Antonio, beautiful walkways, resturants and stores all opening up onto the river, It was a fun place to be. Kevin went to conference events during the day and we met for lunch and dinner and socializing in the evening. My mornings were leasurly, gloriously leasurly. Loved it!!
" Hello Mr, Gump, yes I would like a piece of chocolate." We posed with some wax figures.
In case you were confused Kevin is the one on the right, they look so similar, I know.
This is in front of the Ripley's place. An electricution chair. AHHHH! It was a fun trip and I enjoyed Texas, I always wanted to go there. A big thank you to my mother in law for taking on our three little ones while we were gone. It was wonderful.