Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We enrolled both Maycie and Nelson in their first team sport this winter at the YMCA. The league was for 3-5 year olds. My thought was, ' great, I can put Maycie and Nelson on the same team'. I came to learn that three year olds are waaaay to young to get it, at least our little three year old is. Maycie loved playing and interacting. Nelson loved holding the ball and shooting but he did not like playing in the games. This likely had to do with four coaches shouting at him at what to do next and everyone running one way and then the next and he had no clue why, at one point he came running to me in tears--poor little guy. But all and all it was a good experience. Maycie will likely do soccer in the spring--Nelson however is going to sit out on the team sports for at least another year.

The coaches were really patient and good at helping Nelson out.
Maycie worked on her shooting skills!
Sibling rivalry lives on...especially on the court!

Nose picking skills were not left at home!
Nelson worked hard on his dribbling skills!
Maycie figured out the skill of dribbling and walking at the same time!
The idea of an opponent has not yet sunk in yet. During the games they would match kids up to guard each other and would put matching bands on their wrists to help them identify each other. I think Maycie thought that meant that they were her assigned friend to run back and forth with.
Nelson loved shooting baskets!
Maycie really liked to guard. She was a guarding machine.
All and all I learned a few things and the kids had a good time--mostly! I must admit I was relieved to have the season over, it was a lot of work!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brace Face

Kevin got braces today! He had them once before but was in need to fix a few things and so he got them again. I wondered what my hubby would look like with braces and I have to say that it isn't too bad. Here is the before picture as he headed out the door this morning about 6am.

Drum roll............here he is with them on.
He is a bit sore, soft foods for a couple days but all and all he is a trooper and is still one good looking guy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas in February!

We spent our Christmas break split between Wenatchee and Spokane. Below are some pictures of Christmas morning etc...

Here is Jane, in all her cutiepieness!

On Christmas Eve we went with my Ma and Pa out to Couer' d alene lake and went to the resort for Dinner, they had lights and it was nice. My favorite part was singing Christmas carols to and from in the car. Good memories made there!
Christmas morning!
Got, I mean Santa got these cool bouncy balls that have been a hit ever since. In my book they are a classic toy. The Jammies that Maycie is wearing are "scrubs" made by Grandma Nygard. They are princess scrubs, very appropriate round' these parts.
Santa sure wasn't thinking when he put whistles in the stockings....silly Santa! Those are no where to be found now, wonder where they went?
No.1 and No 2 are now at such fun ages where they are getting into the Santa thing. They say the funniest things about him. Just the other day Maycie said "Santa is a peeper". I believe this statement came from the line in the song Santa Claus is coming to Town, "he sees you when your sleeping he knows when we your awake." I agree Santa must be a peeper. Nelson just repeats what she says like a parrot sometimes, 'santa peeper, santa peeper, santa not peeper a me' imagine that said in true Nelsonease fashion. A day or so after Christmas I was getting up early in the morning to go workout and Maycie's head pops up in bed and she says " I sure had a great Christmas Mom, did you have a great Christmas?" I guess it was a success as far as the toy aspect of Christmas goes.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Eat It!!!!

When it comes to my kiddies I have always said things like, "I don't fight the food battle." meaning I don't force my kids to eat anything. Sure I may revoke dessert if dinner isn't eaten but for the most part I have tried not to go into that arena. However winds are a changin', the last straw was laid upon my back last night concerning this issue. I made some spicy chili for dinner and being the kind mother that I am I made grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup as well knowing that the kids would not appreciate a spicy chili. Both children wouldn't even touch the grilled cheese or soup. I was so irritated. Maycie said I just want bread with honey on it. On any other day I may have responded to this request in her favor but I was so irritated that I said, no way. I am not a waitress and this is not a restaurant where you order food. I mean really I thought, my kids won't eat grilled cheese, exasperating! right!?

Kevin has always said that we or rather I should be more strict in this regard and make them eat what they are served. My parents when we visit them would also point out the same topic to which I would reply, "I don't fight that battle." Well look out kids Mom has had enough! This morning before breakfast I said to Maycie and Nelson, "We have a problem....." I then explained and laid down the ground rules. If you eat not the meal, then you eat not a snack or anything else until the next meal. Of corse the uneaten food will remain available to them. So here we go I have stepped into this battle in full armor and ready to stand firm. I am ready!!!

In Maycie's defense I have seen marked improvement in the recent months with eating more foods but Nelson has gotten worse. So here we go, stay tuned for further updates on the progression of this food battle.

Oh and I am accepting any and all advice concerning the topic at hand. I can use all the help I can get.

Here are no 1 and no 2 eating breakfast this morning after the ground rules were discussed. They look forlorn in this picture however they took the new rules quite well and ate acceptably this morning. Dinner will be the real test.