Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I have a dream that went poof. I once had a dream of having a cool family tradition of having cleaver family themed costumes each year. Kevin (aka costume hater) went along with this the first year we were married. He was still hiding his true identity. (I was a daisy he was a bumble bee, yes he wore wings and antenna, and yes it was cute!) Then he even dressed up the next year in the same costume when Maycie and I were both lady bugs. However he refused to smile in any of those pictures. It pretty much went down hill from there. There was the year that the kids were both dogs and we were dog catchers, he wiggle his way out of that one by being "too busy" with school. Hummm. Last year we got nothing from him and this year I worked on him, I even begged a little. But atlas the only two costumes that Kevin would consent to was a dentist (lame, since he does that all day at school) and a cowboy. Kevin has a special place in his heart for cowboys. When I told him what he would be wearing I even spotted a bit of a smile cross his lips. He asked me if I would go find his boots ( I think they are in storage at mom and dad's). We bought our hats when we lived in Cheney, at the time he talked about always wanting a cool cowboy hat growing up but couldn't afford it. We bought these for five bucks a piece from someone liquidating their inventory.

Please note that in this picture Kevin has a big smile on his face. My current reality for Halloweens to come is of Kevin and I in this same costume, year after year, after year and so forth. I have to say despite my dead and gone dream of the past the reality of the future isn't too bad, in of that my husband likes to play cowboy and I like to see him happy. Plus I think he looks great doing it!

Newest Member of our Family

In Maycie's words "We don't have any animals in our family Mom, just kids. " This is a very true statement. However, we have added a new member or rather a supporting member to our family. The Vitamix! We researched and planned a lot longer for this newest member then for any of our three children. We went through a few obstacles to finance this latest addition and paid more for it than we ever did for the births of our children (insurance pretty well covered those). Some do complain that the Vitamix is a loud addition however, we argue that it does come with an on/off switch installed, which children don't have. :) Thus far we have made smoothies, ground wheat into flour and made yummy wheat bread and tonight we plan to make soup with it. We have decided to keep it, we like it and are happy to have it!!! Finally after years of thought and months of saving on the side our desire to own one of these "babies" had come to fruition.