Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Right Hand

When I first told my mother that my first born would be a girl she told me to train her up well and she will be my right hand. After having ten kids and her first being a girl I supposed she knew what she was talking about. Two years passed and Nelson joined our family. I could not for a second leave Maycie alone with Nelson, she would try to roll him off the couch or bed. She would attempt to harm him in many ways. One of the difficult thing each day was keeping the new little guy safe.

I did not then see any reality in my mothers statment at that time. But lately I see from time to time how a firstborn girl becomes a 'mother hen' at times and mimics exactly what she is seeing. Below is Maycie doing one of her chores, folding towels. She is meticulous at this task. Perhaps there is truth to my mother's words!

Hello Summer, Good Bye Spring!

In looking back on a few of the undocumented things we did this spring, I am gratiful for my little family. I am also gratiful for Summer, oh how I have missed you!

We enjoyed a visit from my niece Britney. While she was here we did some Seattle sight seeing including the troll under the bridge! We had never been to see this fellow before and the kids were in aww at the man. Understandable so!

Below are easter pics that I am finally posting.

Trying to get a good easter egg hunt pic, but not so successful.
Jane enjoyed the excitment along side of the other kids. We did a hunt at home and one at a friends house.

My sweet Maycie girl. She is a sweet little thing. The other day I said "I love you Maycie" and her reply was " And I love Daddy!" She is something else. Yes, mood y at times but sweet none the less. She is my little observer. She doesn't miss much or forget anything. She can tell me all about events I have long forgotten that occured three years ago, when you are five that is impressive to me!