Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maycie's Brace

So Maycie has been limping around for about a week. Her Dr referred us to an orthopedic surgeon. This morning she had her appointment. He discovered that she has a little fracture on the inside of her femur by the knee. So she gets to wear a large brace on her leg. She hates it. But she is adapting. For example, swinging. You can see how she is discovering below that she wont be able to pump her legs. But she doesn't give up there.....

She figures out that by standing on the swing she can get going really high and still wear her brace.

She even is able to do the rope swing.

Considering how much Maycie likes to climb and jump she is lucky that this is all the more serious wounds she has had thus far. I have to say though that the brace is really pretty large and I am impressed that at four she is even putting up with it. She is a trooper!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daddy's Lil' Girls

I asked Kevin to keep an eye on Jane while I got some things done around the house on Saturday. I thought he was studing for the first part of the dental boards this summer. When I went in the bedroom this is what I found. It reminded me of when Kevin used to do the same thing with Maycie. He is gone at school alot more these days, so it doesn't happen often anymore but when Maycie was about the same age Kevin and her would nap together on a regular basis. She was a true daddy's girl. There is something special about a daddy and his little girl(s). Kevin has a soft spot for his daughters. Not to mention an ability to get his kids to nap in his arms. Below is of Maycie with Kevin at about the same age. (notice any resemblance between J and M)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mr. Nelson

Meet our 2.5 year old, Nelson. He has a special little way about him. Wherever we go people can't get enough of him, understandably so when you see those dimples and winner smile.

Here he is at the beach a couple of weeks ago. He likes to carry around dolls or stuffed animals.
Here he is trying to clean up the spaghetti mess he made. He likes to put things away and he doesn't like opened cupboard doors or drawers, he likes to close them.
He seems pretty quiet at first but get to know him a bit and you will realize that he has a lot of personality and likes a lot of the same things other 2 year olds like......such as mud!
We get a kick out of him and really enjoy having him in our family. I think he is a lot like his dad both in looks and personality. They are both hansome, and sweet!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here it is! I have been nagged and prodded, encouraged, guilted and finally arrived at this place. The place were I finally just do it, a family blog. It is a practical and fun way to record the ongoings of our family, at least that is what I am hoping. To follow are cute stories, pictures and such.

In reflection of the last few weeks I am gratful that school is not forever, at least not dental school. While we are so happy that Kevin is able to go to dental school we are also happy that it ends. Kevin has three more days left of finals during, this his second year of the program. His eyes are blood shot and I have found the kids are missing him more and more. They were very happy to come into our room this morning and find him still in bed and at home, as today is sunday and he stayed home with us today. Nelson cuddled up with him and Maycie jumped on him, even little Jane was happy to see him. It is a much better day when daddy is home. We are looking forward to Wed. afternoon, when we will see him a bit more often. YEAH!