Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Blessing

Today was a unique day. We went to the funeral of our nephew, Andrew Josiah Nygard. (To read about him go to www.nygardfamily.blogspot.com) I felt very blessed to be there and witness the miracle of his life. Eric and Jenny, his parents were the main speakers at the funeral. Jenny spoke of Andrew's sweet personality and characteristics. She was a pillar of strength as she spoke of her little boy. I felt a great deal of peace and comfort as she spoke. Eric spoke of our knowledge that families are forever. That Andrew is now in the presence of God and that he is performing the work of the Lord there. And that as they live their covenants they too will return to live with him after this life. I feel very blessed to have Eric and Jenny's example of true followers of Christ, and honored that I am able to be so closely associated with them. They truely understand the Lord's plan of happiness for His children. They have consciously chosen to draw near to the Lord during this time. On the back of the program today was this quote ...

"The Lord takes many away even in infancy, that they may escape the envy of man and the sorrows and evils of this present world; they were too pure, too lovely, to live on this earth. Therefore, if rightly considered, instead of mourning we have reason to rejoice as they are delivered from evil and we shall have them again. The only difference between the old and the young dying is one lives longer in heaven and eternal glory than the other, and is freed a little sooner from this miserable world." -Joseph Smith

I left the funeral service with a feeling of needing to arise to the occasion and live a better life and share with others the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. We miss Andrew and will continue to miss him but we know that we can be with him again. What a wonderful, wonderful knowledge we have.

Tonight Kevin's brother. Brian (19 years old) is preparing to leave on a 6am flight tomorrow morning to South America. He is leaving on a two year mission for our church in Uruguay. He is leaving to bring this message of hope and love to the people there. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people that help me to remember and follow Christ.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mild Weather

In November there was a day that was especially warm and so we walked to the park down the way. A typical trip to the playground for us entails......

This little sweetie being content and happy to just be. (have you ever seen such a little angel)
Nelson being is silly, boyish self.

Maycie playing to role of big sister and second mom.
Our trip abruptly ends went I find Maycie with this look on her face. It is time to hurry home to the potty:)

Fall Fun!

When fall came the kids must of missed picking the summer fruit. This however didn't stop them from picking something. Perhaps they thought that the leaves were ripe and ready for pickin'.