Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maycie is Six!

It has been well over a month ago, but that is how I roll these days. Maycie turned 6! She invited a few girlfriends over and they had a great time.

We made gingerbread castles, again, it is always a hit.
Six cupcakes, six candles and one six year old girl!
Maycie is a busy little thing. She is into projects and has a great need for variety, constant variety. She loves kindergarten, which I am often gratiful for. She is learning the typical kindergarten things, like simple math and how to write full sentences and how to be a good friend. She is a true leader and oldest with her brother and sister. Lately they have been playing house together alot, taking turns being the mom.

As a baby Maycie was a ham. Kevin and I called her "our excess of laughter girl" She did full on belly giggles as a one month old. It was strange to witness. She is the same even still, alway up for a good laugh.

We love her and are so happy for the variety she brings to our family. She is such a bright and fun girl!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nelson is Four!

On the 21st of November Nelson turned four. He has been talking about this day for a long time. On his birthday Nelson had some of his buddies over for cupcakes and games. It was very fun for me to see these little guys play games and interact. Whenever asked what he wanted for his birthday Nelson would reply " A Yo-Yo".

It is fun for me to think back on Nelson's four years. As a baby Nelson cried alot. I don't think he was initially too happy about being here. But he mellowed out and his dimples came out. He is very much so a mama's boy. He frequently comes to me for a snuggle or a hug. This morning I asked him if he was happy. He said he was. I asked him why he was happy. He said "Cause I wuv wu Mom." Made my heart melt.
Nelson is a big story teller. I only understand about 25% of the words he is saying in his stories. But he gets so animated and into what he is saying that I love watching him tell his tales. He is into heros and bad guys. He is into jumping high and moving fast. A typical four year old! We love him and are so happy he is in our family.