Sunday, October 16, 2011

Summer Installment No. 2

I made an effort this summer to get the kids out and about alot. One place we went to often was the beach. We checked out a few of the different beaches here in the Seattle area. The hard part of this is hauling the kids to and from the car with all that we need while we are there. Also Jane is Miss Friendly and had no problem wandering to other peoples areas and going through their things and taking what she wanted. It was a task all of itself to keep her out of trouble. But the reward to all this work is seen in the pics below....especially the first one!

btw- Nelson is now fully potty trained, much to my relief!

For my birthday my mother got me a campfire pit. As per my request. We had alot of fun roasting hot dogs and marshmellows.

At the beginning of the summer Nelson took swim lessons with his cousin Travis. They were so cute together.

This is doing fire crackers on the Forth of July! I vow in the future to plan ahead and order my fire crackers online in advance. Vendors make a mint on these sort of things, I was surprised at the price.

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