Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maycie is Six!

It has been well over a month ago, but that is how I roll these days. Maycie turned 6! She invited a few girlfriends over and they had a great time.

We made gingerbread castles, again, it is always a hit.
Six cupcakes, six candles and one six year old girl!
Maycie is a busy little thing. She is into projects and has a great need for variety, constant variety. She loves kindergarten, which I am often gratiful for. She is learning the typical kindergarten things, like simple math and how to write full sentences and how to be a good friend. She is a true leader and oldest with her brother and sister. Lately they have been playing house together alot, taking turns being the mom.

As a baby Maycie was a ham. Kevin and I called her "our excess of laughter girl" She did full on belly giggles as a one month old. It was strange to witness. She is the same even still, alway up for a good laugh.

We love her and are so happy for the variety she brings to our family. She is such a bright and fun girl!!!

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