Monday, February 27, 2012

"Well this seals the deal!"

So Kevin and I have been talking lately about selling our Caravan when we move to Florida and get a new car there. Well an occurance happend this week that sealed the deal. I got in my first car accident. And it was entirely MY fault. I was on my way home after picking Maycie up from school and I was distracted by the screaming kiddies in the back. I turned while at a stop and I am not sure if my foot slipped off the break or if I just didn't push hard enough on the break but none the less I rear-ended the gal in front of me. The good news is that she had her spare tire mounted on the back of her car and so there was no damage detected to her car but for our minivan that was also the bad news. That spare tire did a number on our front end. I wish I had pictures. (still haven't found the charger for our camera) Our hood was totally scrunched up. It looked like it was a more serious accident then it was from looking at our car.
Anyhow, my dad, as always, came to the rescue, with one of his 'salvage cars' a 1993 Toyota Prism that he is so proud of because he only paid $700 for it. Anyhow my dad is fixing the Caravan up to sell and in the mean time we are driving the beauty you see below. Imagine this picture but add twenty years. I am so gratiful for a dad that knows how to do these things and is willing to help. I am also gratiful for our insurrance that was so great in the process. And I am gratiful for my oldest who reminds me "Don't crash this car Mom, Grandpa will be mad at you."
I am however looking forward to purchasing another car when we are in Florida. One that doesn't require full body effort to open and close the door.


The Davis Family said...

Glad your accident wasn't worse than that! Certainly made your decision a no brainer! Good luck finding the perfect car in Florida!

Grandma Oma said...

Thanks God that you are all safe and that no one was hurt. Thinking of you.

Laura and crew said...

I can just picturing you telling this story! Sorry about the van! Car accidents are never fun...especially when you have all the kids in tow and they keep reminding you about it! :O)

The Thackers said...

Glad you were all okay! Great story though...I can hear you telling it! Sorry about the car...why is that things happen like this right before major events like moving across the country?! I was very disgruntled when our Honda Civic died ONE MONTH before we left for Alabama and my husband was MIA because he was trying to finish his dissertation. Talk about stress...but, if I remember correctly you watched my kiddos while I went and looked for cars. Thank you! Thank you! help me and then get blessings by your dad helping you. Okay, enough rambling...hope you are doing well!